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Hello !

I had my last period March 8, 2011. Its has now been 2 months and a half since my last period. In April around the time i was suppose to get my period, I got all the symptoms of me getting my period and then i only spotted once and that was it. In May, I still havent gotten my period. I took three pregnancy tests and they all came out negative. Someone told me about the hCG test and i took it in April and the test came out negative. Im beginning to worry. Can stress cause your period to miss almost three months ?! I went from having my period every month to it dissapearing. My breast are a little sore, im not naseaus, but my stomach always looks bloated. As if i waited too long to pee, thats what it always looks like. Idk what to do ! I have no medical insurance at this moment to see a doctor. Help ?! What could be happeneing ?


Dear Jennifer,

I am going through the same thing hunz and u should not worry. My last period was on April 15th and it has been 6 weeks now and i did not get my period yet. I had went to my doctor and he told me that i was not pregnant, and that it was because of the morning after pill that i had taken after an accident when me and my boyfriend was having intercourse, the condom broke and he had ejaculate inside of me. So he said that the pill probablly delayed my period and that i shouldent worry about it....So if your situation is kinda like mynes and u were careful with ur boyfriebnd while having sex then you should be will come, its probablly due to stress... thats what my doctor told me....dont worry ur pretty little head.  

Good Luck to yuh :)