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ok so im 12 years old and ive had my period for about 2 months now but i havent had it for 2 months i had spotting for one day but thats was it im not sexually active and i need help!! i havent told anyone please! please! help me!!!!!!! :'( im really freaking out.


whoa whoa whoa... yuh shouldnt be freaking out sweetie. ;-)
look... your only 12. your period isnt "normal" just yet. your period will get "normal" after a year or two of you having your period... So I wouldnt worry so much about it coming or not. So just relax, and wait it out. If I were you I would definitely start writting down when you get your period and how many days it lasts... so you start figuring out your "cycle"... so that way you know when to expect it.

;-) and try not to stress it... it stops your period from coming...


it'll be ok!

periods really aren't regular when you're twelve

or at least they weren't for me

also, my sister didn't have her period for 6 months and she wasn't sexually active either

when she went to the doctor about it, they told her it was to do with her diet, that she needed more iron

hopes this helps!