i am a 42 yr old female. i had a hemmroidectomy 2 weeks ago today. i wanted to help those people that just went through surgery or are thinking about getting it done. there are a lot of horror stories out there, and i am hoping my story can be a positive one.

i actually had a surgery scheduled and the night before went onto this forum and got so scared i cancelled the very next morning due to all the horror stories. but i regretted cancelling and got prepared and rescheduled the next week.

what i can say is that you need to PREPARE! Before surgery buy milk of magnesia, stool softner, prune juice, have lots of fresh veggies and fruits handy, chicken broth, clear liquids.. the doctors say you can eat normally after surgery but i wouldnt suggest it at all. you need to eliminate as much pain and discomfort as possibe. the day before surgery stay away from heavy greasy food. eat light. even though i took 2 enemas before surgery i still had food backed up from the day before that came to haunt me on my first BM after surgery.

i started juicing a few months before i had surgery so i really liked getting my veggies in a blender and premade some green drinks for recovery time. you WILL need help! get someone at least the first 2/3 days of post surgery. i have 3 kids under 6 and i needed help from parents and freinds for the first week.    

eat lots of clear liquids and veggies and  friuts, take metamucil ( i took 3/4 a day) and 4 stool softners 2 am and 2 pm. the first day was just pain from surgery and i took the precocets as directed, but it DOES constipate you, so i would not continue them for long. by the 2nd day i was off them and switched to ibuprofin. i was fine with that. i did feel the need to have a BM on the second day and i have to say it was awful! i pushed so hard, i saw stars and my hands were tingly. the dr directions said not to take any enema or m of magnesia until the 4th day. by 6pm, i was tired, in pain and couldnt handle it anymore and called the dr on call. she told me to take 2 TB of Mof Mag. and then another 2 before bed. well finally at 1am i gave up on the sitz bath, i couldnt get confortable and went into the tub with warm water and passed my first BM there and the consequitive 6/8 until 7am. i didnt sleep at all, i stayed in the tub or the bathroom floor. it was in fact  a nightmare. HOWEVER, after that day i felt better each day, i used the cream they gave me, i was always using the sits bath, drank LOTS of water, slowly introduced foods and slowly weened myself off stool softner, im up to one a day now. yesterday, i had a hard time with constipation bcs the night before i didnt watch what i was eating and i paid for it all day. so even though i feel 100% i need to watch the timing of when i take the stool softner (best is b4 bed and i switched to SENNA which is healthier) and be conscious of what i eat.

if you prepare BEFORE and stay committed through recovery you can MINIMIZE your pain. i suffered mostly with pain from the day of surgery and pain meds helped. get off asap and then hurdle over the BM which was one whole day and night. after that watch your food intake!!! be good to your stomach and anal area and you will heal and feel better sooner! YOU can control avoiding further pain!   today i am happy to say i am going back to the gym. i will take it easy and listen to what my body says my limits are. i am not totaly out of the woods, but i can say if I can do this, so can you! be good to yourself and have common sense! good luck!