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I am 2½ weeks post ops and I believe I recovered a little more quicker than most, I’d say I was about 80% recovered at 1½ weeks. I am so glad that I had the hemorrhoidectomy done, I can feel such a major difference back there. While majority of the posts on this site, frightened the hell out of me pre-op, I am also thankful because I knew what to expect and received a lot of great advice. After my procedure I urinated on myself almost immediately after I woke up. I had been given so much anesthesia, it made my throat EXTREMELY dry so I started coughing and I had no control over it. Thank goodness for the pain meds, because I totally didn’t feel any pain at all. Later on that night I started to feel a little discomfort but definitely not worse than the roids alone. One of the major issue I had was feeling nauseous from the Percocet’s that I was prescribed, so I didn’t eat for two days post ops, I just couldn’t, even when I tried. I had a colonoscopy done the day before surgery so I was on a liquid diet for one whole day, the next day I couldn’t eat until that was done and had to stop eating at 10, so basically I really hadn’t eaten well for 5 days. I woke up on day 3 and vomited and this is when I realized how relevant those muscles back there are. I mean when I coughed, sneezed, etc. I had to hold onto something because I knew the pain would hit me right back there. After my vomit episode I decided to stop taking the percocets. I wasn’t in unbearable pain and I needed to eat and I learned from this site to get off the meds aqap. I was able to eat again once I did and didn’t feel sick anymore, so I began to just take the Tylenol as instructed for the next couple of days. I was able to walk, sit up, etc., afterwards, the pain meds obviously were making me sleepy, drowsy and more sick than the procedure was. I also was instructed to take a bath/sitz bath up to 4 times a day. I took about 3-4 sitz baths in addition to my usual bath in the morning and night. I couldn’t stand the order from the leakage, OMG I wouldn’t let me boyfriend come near me. I was completely “okay” up until I had my 1st BM, which I didn’t have until Day 5 (MY BIRTHDAY) and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be AT FIRST. My doctor instructed me to drink 2 tablespoons of Mineral Oil each night for the 1st 5 nights, so my stool was very soft and I admit it stung a little coming out, but again it wasn’t worse than having a BM with roids. None-the-less, once I was finished, I immediately felt the pain, I jumped in the tub which made it better but once I got in the bed the pain was worse. I had to give in and I took ONE Percocet to help me sleep and put my heating pad on my butt and by the morning I was fine again. I had another BM the next night and it was a little more painful, I mean I don’t know why but there was SO much stool coming out of me and it got uncomfortable, it was so much, that my stitches unraveled, I didn’t notice until I got into the tub and accidently tugged at it.. I SCREAMED so loud, this was the worst night of all. Again I gave into the ONE Percocet, heating pad and off to bed. This was the last day I took pain meds and was the last major episode I had. I’ve had hard and soft stools since and they don’t hurt as much during as it does afterward. But they weren’t that bad for me and my pain level tolerance is LOW. I was able to come back to work on Monday and I brought a pillow to sit on just in case. I think I am doing pretty well compared to most stories. I still have that little discomfort after a BM and some bleeding, but none of it is unbareable. I saw the doc for my 2 week check up, she said I looked great and could start back with my normal activities. I just want to thank you guys for the advice and basically helping me get through it because the doc didn’t advise me of much of what to do post ops.


ooops I meant to type ODOR and not Quote:


: "I couldn’t stand the order from the leakage, OMG I wouldn’t let me boyfriend come near me."

There was a horrible Odor from the leakage after the surgery, which my doc said was extremely normal.