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You eat well, take the right vitamins, read all of the right advice - your nutrition is pretty good, right? Maybe - but you might also be committing some of these deadly dieting sins. Learn all about 7 of the most common dieting sins with this article.

You're looking fabulous, feeling great and you've overhauled your diet. You've been eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein and complex carbohydrates - but then it happens. You pop into a drive-thru on your way back from work and order a double cheeseburger, fries and a shake. The diet is ruined for today, obviously, so you might as well polish off that tub of ice cream in the freezer as well as those chocolate bars in the cupboard, right?

The next morning, you feel guilty and vow to get back on your super-strict regime. Sound familiar? Remember, you're only human. Sometimes you'll slip up. Sometimes you'll maintain. Sometimes you won't be able to resist that burger or that ice cream. It doesn't matter - as long as you're trying, you'll get there.

We go over 7 of the most common dieting sins and how to fix them, to get you back on track with your diet.

Sin Number 1: Thinking That You're Eating Better Than You Actually Are

Many people believe that they're making the right food choices - whilst actually making entirely the wrong choices. Perhaps you drink plenty of fruit juice or vegetable juice. Maybe you choose 7-grain bread. Or perhaps you have tinned vegetable soup for your lunch.

Whatever your food choices, you need to make sure they're actually the right choices.

Pre-prepared juices are seriously lacking in vitamins and nutrients, 7-grain bread isn't necessarily wholegrain bread and tinned veggie soup actually contains very little vegetables. 

Fix: Eat whole, unprocessed, natural, organic food wherever possible. Always make it yourself, be it juice, soup or dinner, if you can.

Sin Number 2: Cutting Out Carbs

We all have some slightly strange beliefs about carbohydrates. Many people believe that carbohydrates in themselves cause weight gain and conversely, that no carb and low carb foods are just the same as very low calorie foods and that you can eat as much of them as you like. This isn't true - but neither is it true that carbohydrates are the food devil. You just have to eat the right type of carbohydrates.


Eat wholegrain carbohydrates, such as wholegrain bread and pasta. Choose brown rice over white rice and keep the skin on potatoes. The fiber in wholegrain carbohydrates will keep you fuller for longer and will keep your blood sugar levels stable - all good news for your diet.

Sin Number 3: Ignoring Your Trigger Foods

If you completely ignore your trigger foods and your cravings for those trigger foods, it could lead to a blowout - and you'll end up consuming more calories than if you had just allowed yourself a small slice of the pizza or a small scoop of the ice cream in the first place. Instead of completely ignoring your trigger foods, remember that food is there to be enjoyed - not there to be feared. You can enjoy chocolate, ice cream, pizza and even takeaways whilst still losing weight.

Fix: Allow a 150 calorie treat once a day, or one treat day per week.

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