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I've had the symptoms of a UTI for a month now and its still here. I have the following symptoms:
Constant urge to urinate
Feels like i cant finish urinating

Although it doesnt burn when i pee, It did a few months ago, but i drank some water and then it went away.

I've been to the doctor 4 times. At first he gave me Septra DS and i took that for 20 days and then it seemed to go away. Then a few days later, waiting in line at Jack in the Box and i just felt like i had to go, but i just went a few minutes beforehand. I went back and the doctor needed a morning sample cause he didnt find an infection in the one i gave him in the day.

So he found an infection in that and gave me Levaquin. I've taken 2 doses of it(7 days each) and it still seems to be there.

Could this be an early sign of diabetes? Whats wierd is my doctor didnt do a culture,i'm going back tomorrow and will ask him about it.



same type of thing major burn n pain in testes