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At the doctors was prescribed Amoxicillin when I got really sick throwing up and a high fever. While there they did a urinalysis, and the doctor said there was some white blood cells in my pee and that it indicated a external infection, then he went on to ask me if I had and itching or burning on my vagina, and I said no because felt completely fine down there. So he said they were gonna do a culture test (a test to show what bacteria). They called my mom a week later and said i have to go back to change my antibiotics because I have a kidney infection. They gave me Bactrim Ds and said the bacteria was E. Coli. That day was a day before I was supposed to start my period... But I didn't. I'm 3 days late now. And I'm so scared because I'm worried I might be pregnant but I'm not sure, could those antibiotics make me late? I was taking amoxicillin for like 9 days and then Bactrim Ds for these last 4 days.

My boyfriend and I do have sex often and we haven't been too good about condoms but In the months before we've been fine, this month we didn't do it much but still, there's a possibility. Although, I've been trying to not stress out and calm my boyfriend down ( he's very scared as well... I'm only 16 and he's only 15) because sometimes I'm a few days late and sometimes im regular so it could be that, my stress, the antibiotics, or the infection. I'm starting to stress out and i know that's not good for me. Somebody please help!


I finally got my period, thank goodness!