Okay so my last 3 periods have been off,in January it was 3 days late,February was 3 days early and this month (March) it was 3 days late again.I have 31 day cycles which come like clockwork up until the last 3 months,always on time and 7 days,every month.In January,i spotted for 2 days then bleed for 3/4 then started spotting again.In February it was light for 5 days and that was it.This month,my period was expected on the 25th i started spotting yesterday (the 26th) nothing too major.It was pinkish/reddish and sometimes brown but on and off,sometimes not even enough to get on a pantyliner,just when i wiped.Lastnight when I showered I noticed bleeding,dark red.I put on a pad to sleep and it continued overnight.This morning (3/27) it's still flowing and I am cramping but I also feel nauseous but still dark red in color.I normally dont have any symptoms with my periods,I barely get cramps.I feel pregnant,my left boob has been sore even to the lightest touch,I have been peeing every hour on the hour,slight cramping but nothing unbareable,and feeling nauseous but never throwing up.What could it be,I haven't tested yet because up until now I thought nothing of it.I read up on Deducial Bleeding could it be that?