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A month ago it was May 13th when my period came but it wasnt due til the 15th. Prior to it a week or so before my breast were leaking, I didnt know why so I didnt pay no attention. Ok my period last 6 days therefore 6 days after the 13th was the 19th and instead of me stop bleeding I began to spot four more days. Then I noticed my breast and nipples began to itch and they began to get sore nd tender too. Round bout June 2nd I began to feel nausea and dizzy all signs of pregnancy  I took a test it cmae back Neg. and so when june 13th came I spotted til the 15th then a heavy bleeding with clots. Also my uterus area was tender and sore, but after a day of heavy bleeding it slowed down and it looks like a normal period. This is so crazy for me to be writing cause I am 39 yrs old sounded like a naive teenager But I'm still having all the symptoms. I misscarried last Aug My egg was fertilized but it never implanted and I misscarriaged. Miscarryin at any stage to a mother is hurtful. And I go see a GYN july 19th to find out if I am still able to carry. I hope so cause I want a son, My daughter my only child is 18 . Is there anyone else going through some of this at least I wont feel alone. Could I be Pregnant or Did I misscarry or is it just Old age.


I went through two miscarriages too so I know your hurt and pain. And I don't want to hurt you but to me it sounds like a miscarriage, because I think it was just too early for the home pregnancy test to pick up any signs of pregnancy (if that makes any sense). If you want to chat feel free to sign up (its free and takes only a minute) and we can private message. <3