Hi everybody,

I am trying to get pregnant. My last menses was dec 19th 2007. (My first menses after i had my first miscarriage on mid october) On 11th Jan 2008 (which is day 22), i went to see my gynae and he did a scan. The doctor told me that i am ovulating soon in two days time. So, we have sex on 1st, 2nd,4th 5th,6th,7th, 10th, 12th, 13th and 15th Jan. On the 16th jan , the ovulation kit showed negative. A few days after my ovulation period, i caught a flu. I kept blowing my nose and on the 22th january, i blew my nose so hard till my menses came. I thought it was my menses so i was quite disappointed. Usually my menstrual cycle will bleed for 5 to 7 days and is once every 35 to 38days. This time the bleeding is not as heavy as the the first and it only last for 2 days and the third day was just light spotting. 4th day was almost nothing , just one staining and today the fifth day... probably nothing. However, i experienced minor cramping(pulling sensation) since the 4th day , i felt nausea( unless i eat something) and breast ,a little bit tender, i nap a few afternoons. I did used a pregnancy test kit on 23rdth jan( 2nd day of the bleeding) but it showed negative. SHould i test for pregnancy again after a few days or maybe i should just wait and see? Btw, i have been taking folic acid for one month.