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I'm writing because I'm currently experiencing what I believe are early pregnancy symptoms and I'd like to get other people's opinions as to what could be going on.
I had my last normal period from May 16-22nd (I'm usually regular). I had intercourse on June 1, 2 and 3rd. But on June 5th I began light bleeding, which over 7 days became a bit heavier. I thought it was merely and irregular period, but the blood was much darker in color and generally appeared different from my normal menstrual blood (from what I read about older menstrual blood it appeared more like that). This lasted for approximately 7 days.
Now, beginning on June 17th I have just generally been feeling ill. Daily headaches, dizziness/light headed, lower back and shoulder pain, occasional cramping, slight nausea, bloating....
Are these possibly signs of pregnancy or related to my cycle? Is it possible my second "irregular period" was actually implantation bleeding? Because I had sex between my normal period and the second abnormal "period" is it possible conception occurred? Thank you for you help!


Hi Angie: That is not implantation bleeding, it sounds like you had one of those wonky periods - which by the way doesnt mean you are not pregnant either.

When detecting pregnancy, it is so difficult, you can have the EXACT same symptoms as PMS. So since you are considered late for you REAL period, take a pregnancy test. And lets see what that say OK? Gook luck and let me know OK?