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Me and my partner did dry humping with our clothes on (both wearing underpants as well as three quarter pants). This happened on 11th, 12th, 15th and 18th of this month, i.e., June. And every time he ejaculated he used to move away. I had my period on 28th May. I got my period on this 23rd June (around 3 am). Bleeding flow was very normal, like I changed my pad even. But since yesterday late evening around the bleeding has decreased and it was almost nil in the morning. Now the bleeding is very minimal. But I generally have a normal bleeding for 4 days around during my period.

Since I was suffering from high fever and severe headache since Thursday night (i.e., 19th June) so I had been taking crocin tablet say at a gap of 12 hours. I visited a doc on Sunday and the doc prescribed to take Dolo -650 tables thrice a day along with an antibiotic called Topcef-200.

I am worried about this sudden decrease of bleeding, is that by any chance a sign of pregnancy ?

Pleaseeeee help!!! Dead scared!!


Dry humping with clothes on will not produce a baby especially so close to your period as this is not your time for ovulating which is the time that your body is ready to make a baby and needs the sperm ejaculated into the vagina, sperm will not pass through barriers such as clothing or condoms usually.  A reason for the weird period could be your illness and headache with the medications you are on.


Hope this helps