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I read an article about ADHD about 20 years ago on Time Magazine and I remember thinking to myself: Oh my God! This is me!

I didn't do anything about it until about 2 years ago, though. I've always had problems focusing, setting goals, meeting those goals, managing time, finishing projects, etc. Two years ago I spoke with my Internal Medicine Doctor, who I love because he doesn' t over prescribe medications. He agreed that I should try Adderall and I did. 20mg XR once a day. A year later I could feel it not working as well. He increased it to 30mg XR once a day.

I focus better, am able to concentrate more and follow through, and overall, things are great. I don't take it every day. In fact, most weekends I go off it. I don't suffer any side effects when I don't take it, and I've gone as much as two weeks without it. The only difference I feel at those times is that I'm not concentrating as well, but I have no withdrawl symptoms.

This year has been very hectic. I lost my mother and a few friends, and have been depressed. I knew it was getting bad, so I made an appointment with my same internist, and he prescribed Wellbutrin. I've taken Wellbutrin in the past, with the only side effect being a slight tremor in one of my eyes. And yes, within a few days, I wasn't crying so much.

About a week or two after adding Wellbutrin to the Adderall, I started over-reacting, being overly sensitive, crying again, a lot, feeling exhausted, being more insecure, and being angry.... oh so ANGRY! In fact, this type of anger I'm experiencing is akin to when I was a girl of 20. It's been a long time since I've been angry, as I always try to find the reason for the anger and manage it that way. Right now, I have no filter. 

I also find myself having to breathe deeply at times, like I'm not getting enough oxygen in me. My heart races. And as far as the hunger thing, I have no problem. I eat twice a day, every day.

I called my doctor after a particularly awful bout of anger in which I slammed doors and screamed like a crazy woman. The doctor dismissed it saying it was not the medication. He wanted me to stay on both.

I feel more depressed, angry, irritable, etc. And as for concentration, I have none because I am so depressed, angry, irritable, etc.

I made an appointment to see a psychiatrist for him to evaluate me and either take me off the wellbutrin or tell me it's just me and not the medicine, but the soonest they can see me is a month from now, and I fear that the few people that are still putting up with my abuse might not last that long because I am, in essence, pushing them away by my behavior, but I really can't stop it. I see it coming, but I can't do anything about it.

Soooo, (and sorry for the long post, I guess I needed to vent, too) my question is, has anyone noticed a link between Adderall, Wellbutrin, and anger? I do wonder if it's the medication or if it's that it's not enough, or that I just regressed 20 years... I don't want to take more medication, but i don't want to keep feeling this badly. What's the point of having added the Wellbutrin if it's only making matters worse?

As for the Wellbutrin, I think I can go off it safely just by taking less until I'm done.

Any information or leads are greatly appreciated.











I see your post was several months ago, so I assume you've had some resolution (which I am interested to hear!). I am currently on Welbutrin for depression and have noticed its stimulating effect on my energy level as well as balancer to my fits of extreme melancholy. However, I have noticed being very angry at times, similar to what you described. Usually triggered by some event, though sometimes untraceable, I have found myself extremely irritable at the slightest negative (even irrational) thought. The linchpin for me and this extreme anger, I think, is when I have coffee (or too much coffee) with my daily dose. Since I manage a coffee shop, this is almost unavoidable. I am meeting with my doctor this Friday to discuss these issues.

I'm also interested in what you've said about Adderall. Having recently discovered that I have had ADD all my life (!) and never knew it, my counselor is encouraging me to try Adderall. I'm leery to combine the two after your post and my own experience on Welbutrin alone. But I am also finding that the Welbutrin alone, while helping me deal with stress and depression, is only mildly helpful for my attention.  

I would love to hear what conclusions you have reached several months later. 

Thanks for your post!





Hi, newbie here. I read your post! My opinion is it is to the Wellbutrin adding to the fire! If you read about wellbutrin it is a stimulant AD, so, makes sense NOT mixing the 2 together! How about asking maybe for buspar. It is for the anxiety, anger issues ( i heard) Best of luck to you!