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Hi! Has anyone got any experiences - good or bad - about using adderall for weight loss?


I had been gaining weight gradually since reaching adulthood and was significantly overweight for about the last ten years. I tried everything, but nothing worked. I heard something on CNN about the use of ADD meds for treating obesity in children, so I started researching the meds and the condition. When I came across a screening test and read the questions, I was dumbfounded. Almost without exception, it sounded like they were describing me!

So I went to see my doctor and a psychiatrist and they were both able to confirm that I probably had ADD. Both recommended that I try taking a low dose of Adderall to see if it had any effect. Right away I could feel that it made my head clearer and I felt more focused and in control of my thoughts.

I started taking Adderall regularly and have been taking it for four months now. I get more accomplished and feel less stressed at work, and I am calmer and less likely to lose my temper. I feel like I have more space to think about how I want to respond whenever something happens.

I have also lost 60 pounds. It isn't just that Adderall decreases your appetite; there are also two very important aspects of ADD that it controls, and these cause overeating if untreated.

The first is that it reduces stress, which eliminates "stress eating." Having ADD is very stressful. You never know where the next crisis is going to come from, and you never really feel in control of your own life. It is also frustrating to have a mind that can't focus and often ignores or betrays your own intentions, and this, in turn, leads to a lot of self-directed anger. The way a lot of people respond to this is by eating. If you often feel that you are eating as a way of feeling better, Adderall will probably help.

The other way it helps is that it really gives you a feeling of being in total control of yourself, because you actually are more in control of yourself. So if you really want to lose weight, even when you are hungry and have an opportunity to eat, you find yourself saying, "no, I don't really need this."

So while Adderall reduces your appetite and makes you feel more energetic, you'll really find that it helps the most if you are overweight and also have ADD.


I just started on adderall yesterday using it strickly for weight loss.

i GAINED 40lbs almost a year ago because of an anxiety med. i was taking (generic of lexapro).

i am using adderall to help get the rest of the weight off that I cannot lose myself through diet and exercise.

Im really hoping it works. I have tried EVERYTHING. :-(

Im on 30 mg XR.

*Hoping for the best*

Loading...'s now almost 10 months later you started 30 mg of XR Adderall for weight did that work out? Did you lose weight? Are you sleeping at all? Have you upped your dose because your metabolism became immune to the low dose? Or has your nurse practitioner put you on the salt combo as well? Has your hair started to fall out? Are you craving caffeine? How's your memory? I wish I would've read this the day you posted. If you answered any of these with a yes...your an addict. Don't just stop taking the'll sleep for 2 to 3 days straight. Call and get wheened off ASAP. This medicine is highly dangerous for people who take it to lose become anorexic and can develop kidney problems even renal failure. You can have anxiety attacks that feel like your heart will explode and besides your hair falling out your inner gums will start to deteriorate no matter how well you take care of's internal. I really hope you're ok and if you have teenagers lock it up!!!