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I took depo for about 2 years in high school, (without breaks) and it was a full year before I got a period again. It's been a total of 22 months since I stopped taking depo and now I'm trying to conceive with my fiancé. I miscarried a month ago at 14 weeks. When I consulted my doctor she told me firmly that YES. IT IS BECAUSE OF DEPO. going on it for long periods of time can cause infertility and I was told that I will not be able to carry a pregnancy to term for anywhere from 1-5 years- if at all. I've also been told to stay if any other birth control as that can increase my chances of not being able to give birth. Has anyone else had similar events happen to them?


I was on Depo for 10 yrs (no breaks) it took 7 months for my periods to return and have been trying unsuccesfully for 2.5 yrs to get pregnant. Dr says Depo is not likely the cause and that I just need to be patient! Frankly my patientce is starting to run very thin!!