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Helooo ,

Right for the past 10 days ive been getting these is the 21/08/10 and i ovulated on the 10th and i am due my period on the 25th
I had my ov twinges wen i ovulated.

1 dpo - twinges, gas, irritable, toothache, no appetite, a bit of loose stall
2 dpo- twinges, gas irritable, toothache, no appetite
3 dpo- Vibrating feeling in uterus, sharp pains..bit of cramp, gas, irritable, toothache
4dpo- vibrating feeling in uterus sharp pains, bit of cramp, gas, irritable toothache, vivid dream
5 dpo- constipation, gas, sharp pain inch under navel slight left... flutter feeling, slight cramps, cervix feels high hard but soft? vivid dream,
weird feelings in lower abdomen.

6 dpo- same as 5 dpo except the under the navel pain, vivid dream, tierd
7 dpo- same as 6 dpo but no constipation. i felt a bit sickish in the afternoon, and had back ache a few times during the day with mild cramps
8 dpo- lil shooting pains in middlish left of abdomen,tierd, irritable, gas, weird uturs spasms, back ache, hips felt a bit achey, shooting pain going through boobs, had an appetite, notcied more like trying escape my mouth when i talk ( ergh ), more stretchy feeling at night time.vivid dream, cervix still high hard but soft?.picked bf up from work and went back to sleep at 7am, between then and 9:30 i got up 3 times to go for a wee and alot of it.cryed at night.pain in jaw, itchy scalp.
9 dpo- same as 8 dpo, but more of an appetite, belly was rumpling all day, feeling turned on lol, And really bad episodes of bachache, sharp shooting and achy pains on hips and then a shooting pain goes down some of my thigh, cryed at night. vivd dream, loads of spit.shooting pains in boobs

10dpo- not much of an appetite as 9 dpo, cramps, back ache, achy hips, gone for a wee alot today, sensitive nipples, turned on, weird feelings in utrus, shooting pains in boobs, tierd. loads of spit.

11 dpo- 1.33am- pushing or pulling or vibrating feeling in uterus, cant figure it out? itchy scalp, turned on ( as im writting this )

and also through these days i have been doing these ditzy things like left is right and right is left, about to put phone in the microwave, opening the bin cubord to put the milk in it insted of the fridge.. and few more things but cant think of them

someone please replyyy

thank youu


i am 48 i had a period on the 29 june when i didnt have one in july i did apreg test it was pos i have done about 4 more they were neg but my daughter said they were pos just very faint line i dont no what to think my husband is alot younger than me i have had 5 miscarriges my last pregnancy we ran into problems early i had a special ultrasound at 7 wks we saw the heartbeat but it died at 8wks i have 3 children 2 in the army one who has 3 children of her own my wonderfull grandchildren i have never carried this far before its my second husband by the way i have no children with him but he treats them like his own i just wish the test was showing darker i dont no what to think i hope i am but am 48 i am new to this site plz forgive me if i dont the lingo hope some one is out there to help sound like the early stages of pregnancey keep me updated i hope you are if thats wat u want



Oh my...Bless you.
I am sorry to hear about what happend, it must have been really hard and still now.
I have sort of been in that situation but i had an abortion ( which i done for my partner ) i wanted to keep it so bad but he didnt and basically told me he would leave me if i didnt.
It must have been hard for you as their was not control. ( Bless you again )

It sounds to me that if the 1st test was postitive and the rest were faint, then their is a good chance that your pregnant.
are you having symptoms?

I am now on 13 dpo ( days past ovulation ) . i done a test an hour ago and it was negative :-(. i thought i was in a good chance of getting it postive as since 11 dpo i have been getting hot flashes

do u think its to early? i am due on my period on the 25th in 2 days
My last pregancy i tested 3 days after my missed period and it was a strong line at a walk in centre
Oh i just dont kno wwhat to think...i keep looking at these 2 neg tests hoping another line will appear

I hope you are pregnant, it sounds like u r. get a another test but diffrent brand...
or go to the doctors

Baby Dust Your Way xxx


i DON'T KNOW ,BUT IT SOUNDS THAT you are pregnant and I would wait one or two months before thinking that and treat youself as if you were pregnant you know eat right and be carefuland don't sleep on your stomach o.k and It could just be all in your head I had the same symptoms as you did. but I wasn't pregnant I had lymhpadenitis and the symptom is the same as pregnantsigns


Oh no i dotn know what that is but im going to read up about it now!

i was due on my period on the 25th and still havnt come on.....but today ive got a bit of pink discharge so i im thinking i never have pink discharge before or on a period so im thinking is it implantation bleeding but im 19dpo and 4 days late..would implantaion be happening now??


i recently found out that i have pelvic imflamorty desease ( PID )

any 1 who has these symtoms..go to your gum clinic and get it sorted
PID can cause infertility!!!
go get checked if

1. you have hip, back or general achy sore pelvic area
2. abnormal bleeding.
3. feeling tierd
4. a weird vibrating feeling of the uterus
5. sharp twinges
6. unusual bloating

PID can be causeed by two reasons
clymidia and ghonorria
after a termination of pregnancy ( my cause )
after giving birth
after a misscarage

The also say BV ( bactirial vaginosis ) can sometimes play a role in it as thet say untreated BV could turn into PID but it is rare.


Omg that is me! Were you pregnant???


I got PID from bacterial vaginosis 2 x I can no loner have children..... I had no symptoms other than an unusual Oder...