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Okay ladies I have a huge question. PLEASE NO BASHING I' currently took a ovulation test on the 30th of Jan & it was positive took one everyday til the 2nd of feb an had a positive. me an my husband made love everyday during ovulation... an now I'm 5 dpo from the 30th & 2 dpo from the 2nd. I'm currently having random sharp stabbing pains in my uterus an will have cramping as well... my breast are wierd tingly feeling and I have been using the bathroom like crazy. Also I took a preg. Test yesterday and it was negative as well as a negative ovulation test. Just wondering if anyone can tell me what's going on. (:


Hi Parrott,

It's too early for a pregnancy test.  It takes time for the hcg levels to rise high enough to be detected.  

You need to wait at least two weeks after having sex or when your period is due.  False negatives are common testing early.

You can have implantation cramping.  You may notice some spotting in the next few days, that's an early sign of pregnancy.

Good luck.