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Newbee here! Although I have obsessing over theses sites for months now!

Here goes...fiance and I are 25 & ttc. So I had a miscarriage (confirmed negative test) on Sept 13th 2010. I lost my baby at 8 weeks.

Since this date and before we have been ttc. Oct 10-Jan 11 my cycle was 28 days exactly, my periods have never lasted long (3 days), cycles prior to the miscarriage had been heavy & painful with generally bad symptoms they changed a little after the miscarriage; period itself has been lighter but had worse symptoms. Feb was a 32 day cycle.

So Mar 14th (day 31) I had pink staining on tissue when I wiped on & off until 16th which was kind of brown at times too. (tmi soz) (I have just been charting with an ovulation calendar app on my phone, and we ttc two days before my highest O day.)

Since 'conception' I have had early pregnancy like symptoms. Which include...

1-4dpo - cramps
5 & 6 dpo - vivid dream, cramps
7dpo - cramps, slept hours, felt fainty
8dpo - vivid dream, bbs hurting
9 & 10dpo - back pain, hips aching, right bb hurting, sleeping alot, itchy skin especially under arms
11dpo - on bbs a blue vein has appeared going to nipple area & never seen them before?! fainty
12dpo - bbs feel hot & really hurting-like never felt like this was thinking of going to hosp. Nipples tingle. Cup of tea tasting strange?! Hips hurting, hurting under arm bbs round side?!

13dpo - vivid nightmare, woke up needing a wee & needing a drink!
14dpo - Glass nipples!?
15dpo - light spotting!?
16dpo - light brown when I wipe, pulling in belly button
17dpo - things smells funny!?
18 & 19dpo - pulling pains, itchy tummy, bloating but not hungry, no spotting, bbs hurt, yellow wee, funny smells
20+ dpo - bbs aching, pulling in tummy.

I'm not sure if I'm going mad lol. Some symptoms could just be a coincidence but others I have never seen or had before they appeared. I have had cld symptoms on & off, like ear ache, snuffles, period like cramps, bbs feeling fuller especially at the sides.

So yday I went did a HPT, with 1st morning urine & it was negative (so that would of been 21dpo). o.O :'(

So booked docs for yday afternoon & she said 'she's not worried & that she couldn't do anything as her tests are just as accurate'...but didn't offer bloodwork for piece of mind. She didn't really listen to my symptoms either.

I'm just soooooo confused as some of these symptoms can't be in my head...can they!?

I think I will wait another week, repeat the test again & if thats still negative go to hosp & demand bloodwork. I just don't feel it has been resolved, as if I'm not pregnant what can this mean? Why did blue veins appear?!

I'm stuck in this bubble & can't focus on anything else which I know I shouldn't be doing as it will happen when we are ready-I do believe that everything happens for a reason-which is the only thing keeping me going atm & my rock-my man but it's so much easier said than done lol.

Thanks for your replies in advance & baby dust to all xoxo


I started my af on april 1st ended on the 8th of april it was normal then had sex on the 8th n 17th of april took hpt on 26th n it was neg the 27th started spotting it was lighter then normal its now 2nd of may nuthin on pad only when ic wipe could i be pregnant plez can someone help me


Hi could I ask if you were infact pregnant as I have had similar recently I am day 25 of my cycle 3 days till I am due on. Ive had achey hips sore boobs weird dream over emotional heart burn and cramp in my tummy on and off over the last 3 days. I dont know if I am pregnant or going completely insane because I would like another baby so bad i am imagining it. Xxx