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-My last period started on the 7th so I'm expecting my next period by the 5th.
-My obgyn said it's impossible to get pregnant right after your period so when me and my boyfriend ran out of condoms on the 14th(day after my period ended) we had unprotected sex twice and he leaked inside me, but I didn't worry.
-On the 20th, then I was definately fertile and maybe ovulating, we had unprotected sex five times in a row and he leaked a lot more inside me and there was definately sperm inside me because he never peed inbetween or anything.
-On the 25th we had sex with a condom and in the middle it popped and all of the precum got inside me.

-I feel fatigued and tired. But it's hard to sleep. When I finally get to sleep I never want to wake up.
-I feel nauseous and I keep getting hot flashes that give me sweats. I also have appetite changes bad.
-My ovaries feel dull and achy and I have lower back/hip cramps. Sometimes shooting pains go to my abs or my butt.
-My nipples have white dots around them
-I'm emotional but I think that's just caused by my boyfriend because he thinks I'm pregnant so he told me to not tell him if I'm pregnant and get an abortion by myself and now he's blaming this on me saying I wanted to get pregnant..

What should I do? I'm miserable.


I would take a pregnancy test so you know for sure.  This may put your mind at ease.  Then maybe talk to someone about how you are feeling, a counsellor for example.


Firstly it sounds like you are very pregnant and you can get pregnant after your period. I did we thought we were safe for 4 days after but we were wrong. Secondly I hope you got rid of your boyfriend because he sounds like a complete as****e!