For the past 2 months going on to 3 months now I been having none stop burning stomach pains. I been in and out of the hospital and the doctors office and no one seems to know what is going on with me and they are telling me its all in my head but i know its not. I been treated for GRED twice, Irritable bowl syndrome twice, Depression, and a kidney infections. I also missed my Period last month but I had one this month. The kidney infection medication help for a while but now BOOM! Very Strong Intense sharp pain in my left abdomen under my breast, its so bad to where i cant move and it comes and goes, I had headache for 2 days same with the sharp pain, burning pain in my shoulder and thigh, dull back pain, No appetite at all but last month i couldn't stop eating no matter what, the pain was getting worst, it looks like i am gaining weight. I been constipated for the past 2 months and when i take laxatives i have really bad diarrhea but the irritable bowl syndrome medication helped with that and now i have normal bowl movements. But now its just intense sharp pain on left side of my abdomen for two days, headache that stays, no appetites, burning feeling in my shoulders and thigh and dull back pain and nausea. Please help me find out what is going on, i have over $2000 dollars worth or medical bills that i have to pay. :(