I had unprotected sex on the 7th of December and in the morning the next day (around 8 days after the first day of my period - 29th Nov) he did not ejaculate, but he had a few hours before intercourse.. and didn't take a in between. And there's all this about precum.. so it is possible I could be pregnant, right? Though I don't know when my ovulation dates are, if I was average.. the 7th would be too early to conceive, wouldn't it? I've also heard sperm can live up to five days after intercourse, but I'm still very mixed up in this situation. I've never really kept track of my periods, but as far as I know they have a cycle that's longer than 28 days. I'm talking maybe like 35 days or more. If its 35 days, my next period would have been 2nd of January. However I got it on the 29th of December at like 4am with severe period pains (I rarely get menstrual cramps) I took a few paracetamol tablets and by late afternoon that day, the pains had gone. The 29th and 30th seemed like normal periods apart from the pains on the first day and the fact that they were early. Then on the 31st, 1st and second of January it seemed like spotting. Today it seems it has stopped. The thing is I have had so many pregnancy symptoms in the last 3 weeks - bloating, cramps, aching calves, backache, heartburn, feeling cranky/irritable, moody, crying Very often, increased thirst, headache, increased saliva, increased sense of smell, Runny nose, swollen throat for a day, stomach ache when had a tiny amount of alcohol, chills, exhaustion, waking up covered in sweat, occasionally waking up every few hours during the night, a few vivid dreams, frequent urination, strong smelling urine, acne breakout on forehead, decreased appetite yet always hungry, empty feeling in stomach, I'm finding that most foods taste horrible without loads of salt, clumsiness (as far as almost taking my eye out with a screwdriver), and lastly.. a few times I have seen black dots in the corner of my vision. So to me, this is all very unusual and points to the possibility of being pregnant.. HOWEVER.. I took a pregnancy test on the 28th of December, one yesterday(2nd), then one this morning(3rd) of January, and they were all negative. As if I wasn't irritable enough - that small chance that I am pregnant is driving me insane. I do want to be pregnant, even though it would be bad timing at the moment. My partner currently lives a thousand miles away and will possibly move here this summer. We're not loaded with cash.. but we still wouldn't see a baby as bad news. If I were to be pregnant, he would move here sooner. I just feel like I am filling myself with false hope. And I can't forget it because it seems like babies are constantly being mentioned right now and I cannot get the thought out of my head. So my question is.... What are the chances that I am in fact pregnant?