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hi everyone! well to start off im 19 years old. And I also apologize if this is a bit tmi lol. I usually have a regular 29 day cycle that last for 5-6 days. My last period was on March 10th. But, on March 25, I was sure I ovulated. I also had sex with my boyfriend that same day but, he ended up using the withdrawl method. SO, since the day after ovulation my nipples have been sore and my breast have been slightly tender. I was also cramping, had frequent headaches, feeling bloated, and increasing thirst. This all happen between 1dpo - 12dpo. I was due for another period on April 8th. But, my period came four days earlier than expected.
first day of bleeding(12 dpo), I started to spot in the afternoon. The spotting was brown then it increased to a red flow, no clots. used a panty-liner the whole day.
second day(13 dpo), the bleeding increased to the point that I had to put on a pad. I just used one pad the whole day. plus, cramps and tiny clots.
third day(14 dpo), still having to use one pad. cramps, one larger clot but still tiny clots. Also, seemed like there was some stretchy cervical mucus in the blood. the mucus was similar to the type I usually get when I am ovulating.
fourth day(15 dpo), little to no bleeding. only seeing blood when I wipe. Still seeing more cervical mucus. cramps.
I took a test 15 dpo and it came out negative.
I honestly do not know what is going on. I just reaaally want to know. Im hoping someone that has had the similar problem can help give me a positive insight. I also wouldnt mind having a baby. Thanks for your help and hopefully we can get down to the heart of the matter.


m having some what same problem . can u pls reply me if i its sign of pregnancy or not ?