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I am 11 days post op this surgery. I have had severe pain in my right shoulder for 6 months. An orthapedic doctor put me in physical therapy and put me in the most horrific pain I have ever experienced. I woke up the next day after therapy feeling like I had been beaten with a baseball bat through my shoulders and arms. After surgery on C6-7 with a plate and fusion, my Neurosurgeon told me that this was the worst heriated disk he had ever seen. But after the surgery my pain is all but completely gone. My swallowing was difficult the first 4-5 days, but has now subsided. I am weak, but that is to be expected. My problem now is, I have noticed "twinges" in my right arm today that I have not had since before the surgery. I need to know if this normal to have these twinges return after they had stopped since the surgery. After reading other peoples problems, so far I feel very lucky and blessed. But I want to know what activities I should avoid, and my doctor told me not to lift anything heavier than a dinner plate, nor to ride in a car. I have not exactly followed his directions, I have ridden short distances, and done some light housework, grocery shopping, etc. Have I screwed up?


I have bulging discs from my C3 to my C-7 and T1/T2 from falling merchandise in a retail store.  I am miserable....pain in my neck, back, right shoulder which radiates  (pain & numbness) down my right arm into my legs feel like they have bricks attached to them and my headaches will not stop.  I get sharp twinges of pain in my lower back depending my how I shift my body weight.   Sleeping is impossible. 

I have been seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist for 2 1/2 months now with no positive results.  Within hours of leaving it is as if I never even went to the chiropractor and massage therapist.    So I have made an appointment with a orthopedic spine specialist/surgeon (appt is tomarrow).  I am so scared to find out what he says, but I can't continue to live in pain and the irratability that comes from the pain and headaches is affecting my relationship with my fiance and little 4 yr old daughter.  I have never had any previous problems with my neck, back or this feeling of pain and numbness in my shoulder, arm and hand before. 

I have read so many posts about people having surgery.....and they are very similar to what I am feeling.  I hope that I am as blessed and lucky as
so many of you who have had successful surgeries. 

Another concern of mine is the cost of having to be off work for so long to recover without pay.  We don't have sick/personal or short term disability.
It is stressful enough to deal with this injury of my neck, but to add trying to figure out how to pay the bills during recovery time is another added stress. 

Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.