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Hi my name is Annette. I had neck fusion surgery on 7/23/2010 and am feeling very sore in my throat and pain into my right shoulder. Before my surgery, which was recommended following a rear-end car crash, I went through a regimen of PT, epidural injections, traction et al. I had limited and little improvement over the 19 mos. leading up to my surgery. The surgery went very well with a donor graft used and metal plate to fuse the vertebrae. My NS says the recovery takes up to 12 weeks. For now I will be taking percoset for pain and ambien to aid in sleeping. I had numbness in my hands and feet pre-op and now have feeling back post-op. My NS does not recommend a cervical collar post-op as part of the healing process. My husband is assisting me in the recovery process. I can resume my painting and craft business which was on hold because of the numbness in my hands.


HI Annette...

wondering if you would be willing to answer a couple of questions that I have about the procedure. I am 1 week post op from a ACDF at the C5 C6 level.

All is well but wondering what I can look forward to in the next little while. Tough being on the mend but pain free compared to what I dealt with in the past.

Hope to hear from you.