I just wanted to share my experience on an ongoing basis, as there appears to be very few sucess stories on here ( I am sorry for each of you still experiencing post op pain).

Backgorund: 27 year old male, 8 year history of new and shoudler paind. Buldging disc at c5/c6. MRI showed slight buldge, but EMG confirmed seveer impingment effects.

Medical Procedure: I had the surgery in Chicago 11/19/07 with Dr. Leonard Kranzler, who I heard through my professional network of persoanl injury attoreys was he best in Chicaog. I absolutely believe he was. The procedured was performed at Advocate Masonic in Chicago, IL. Surgery began at 10:00 am and involved a anterior cervical disectomy with fusion form a bone graft froma bone bank.

Results: I was given the option to stay overnight but elected to go home at 7:30 pm because I was feeling so good, walking wih little diffculty and using very little morphine. Post operation, my normal neck and shoulder pain on the left side is TOTALLY GONE! My throat though does hurt from the intibation tube (feels kinda like really weak strep throat). Also there is mild to moderate pain at the incision state whic radiates to the right side, but is much better than any preop pain I had.

Pain relief: For relief I am taking Darvocet 100mg. It seems to be working great, but my heart is trucking along a bit which makes sleeping more than a couple hour rough.

All and all I could not be happier, here I have been out of the hospital for 4 hours and am wirting about it online! Doctors says I will be out of my lawyer job most likely for 3 to 4 weeks. If you have any questions just email me at _[removed]_