I just had surgery on the 28th of April on my C5-C6 and had almost instantaneous relief after the initial surgery recovery.  But, I must admit that I felt so good that I pushed it a little more than I should have in this past week and have had some set backs.  I have had more than one mishap.  My pain has now increased to worse than before.  I saw my PCP and I have an infection of some sort.  I am on strong anti-biotics and a steroid but I know that this pain is not normal.  I went to the ER to have an x-ray done just to make sure there was no hardware fracture but they didn't insist on an MRI.  I am having blurred vision, burning, headaches, sharp pain in the area where the titanium plate was fixed onto the spine.  Does this sound normal or could I have or possibly something more serious?  I know the surgeons did an outstanding job as I was feeling great, but as my mother says I am like a bull in a china hutch.  I know my body, I know medicine and how it affects me and I don't feel right.  Please lend me your thoughts.