can someone shed light on this situation? i'm totally freaking out after taking plan b. i had protected sex on nov. 9th, however the condom slipped, so to be safe and not sorry i went and got plan b within two hours of the incident. took the pill and my period for that month came a few days early but it started off slow, but then became quite heavy and i bled for about five days, which is my usual time period for having a period. so here i sit waiting for my second period to come. i keep having what i think are little cramps, but nothing like i'm used to for having a regular period, and i'm actually ten days late for my period. which is scaring the daylights out of me. i have tested using first response tests and tests from the dollar store (new choice brand), followed instructions, used first morning urine, sometimes middle of the day urine, it's been 8 weeks now since the incident happened and NO other sexual contact has occurred since in fact we broke up because he turned tail the second i had this scare. I know it's probably all in my head but i have tested negative every week and every test i have taken and not to sound OCD but i have probably taken over 10 tests over the past four weeks, is there any way i could be pregnant? and is it possible to have a very late second period after taking plan b, or not one at all? any and all help would be appreciated. thank you.