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Ok so I'm 14 and have had sex (please don't judge I know it was wrong) anyway we had sex about 2 weeks ago and the condom broke..... right as we knew it did we got the morning after pill 2 days after (I think) so I have taken 2 tests already both negative!!!! But lately I have had to go #2 ALOT I have been a little hungrier and haven't gotten much sleep lately, I'm either to hot or to cold...... (I have a little cold right now) so I know have a littlest bump at the bottom of my vagina that hurts when I sit or push on it, I think I'm suppose to start my period today but haven't yet, I have had some clear/grey discharge come from my vagina....... I'm REALLY scared if I'm pregnant I'm dead..... Please help!!!


Hi Kadilynn,

The EARLIEST that you can test is two weeks after having sex.  You said "about."  False negatives are common testing early.  

When you do test you MUST use your very first morning (wakeup) urine for the best accuracy.

The morning after pill can make your periods early or late AND heavier or lighter than normal.

Try not to stress.  Wait until at least 2 weeks has passed, preferably 3, then retest.

It is unlikely you are pregnant if you took Plan B within 72 hours.

Good luck.