Hi ladies I am 23 years old I got my first deposit shot August 5th the first month I constantly started bleeding I threw up like crazy had the stomach flue I felt like I couldn't breath I went on & on for weeks with spotting & then I didn't have a period or spotting for 2 months I am never getting the shot again biggest mistake I can't stop bleeding & spotting now its giving me severe pains & back pains & memory loss please do not take this I went through so many boxes of tampons its ridiculous I seriously don't understand how someone will let anyone take this stupid shot its horrible no period my A** ITS A TRICK U THINK U WONT HAVE PERIOD'S THEN U BLEED FOR MONTHS! I JUST PRAY TO GOD THAT I WILL BE ABLE TO HAVE KIDS ONE DAY WHO EVER EVENTED OR MADE THIS DRUG YOU SERIOUSLY SUCK!