Hey ladies, 

I was thinking today when I go to a grocery store/restaurant and they ask that I submit a review I don't because it was an ok good experience but when I'm extremely angry with the service I do. So like everyone on this board I understand you've all had very bad experiences but chances are the women who had good ones aren't on here posting, if so, very little. In January of this year I started the depo shot the day before I was supposed to start my period. And it never came. However during the first and second month of being on the shot 15-20 days of it were spotting to the point of using a tampon but it never filling up. One a day which was more expensive then actually having a period. Then after 24 years of never having a cavity I got two, I had major back pain and I do and before depo had anger problems but it became crazy. I was even diagnosed with depression and intermittent explosive disorder. I told my dr all this and he said its just your hormones adjusting to the shot it'll even out after the second one. So in between the second and fourth month I gained 35 pounds in two shots in now. I have been prescribed mental medications, work out to gain more and am a complete hermit no amount of sleep was ever enough not to mention I felt extremely bloated 24/7 I could eat a cracker and feel as if my stomach was going to pop. So talk about bad experiences yes I had it. After my second shot I never went back for another. June 10-19 was the date to get my third shot and I chose not too. Today September 9th I am three days into my period resuming after the shot. I'm writing this post because yes there are horrific experiences I thought mine was but the only way to get back to normal is to stop the shot and hope your period comes back in a timely manner. I don't feel disgustingly bloated anymore and I've lost 2 pounds in one day so I'm hopeful that I will continue from here on out with a regular period. Before this and the only reason I got it was because I was in terrible pin every period but to be honest I can say never again will I try to get out of it. I am happy it's back.