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I have been on birth control fir about a year and a half. I couldn't get my perscription filled until today, so I'm about two weeks behind. I want to keep my period coming as it would normally, so I am going to try to "catch up" to the pill I should be on by taking 3 or 4 pills a day about a week. Is this safe to do? I'm really worried about an overdose.

Please help!

It's orthotricyclin-lo, if that makes a difference.


dont be so daft! why would you be so worried if it was the right thing to do?! dosage guidelines are there for a reason, you wont be covered if you have already missed 2 weeks so start the new pack as advised by your doctor, follow the recommended dose and seriously consider if this is the best form of birth control for you... if not filling a prescription has led you to this conclusion then it may be worth looking into other options