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Hi, my name is Nicole and I need some advice. I have been worried for a few weeks that I may be pregnant. Here's my situation, any helpful advice/knowledge is appreciated:

I've been on the birth control pill, ortho tri cyclen lo, for just over a year. On July 18th, I had unprotected sex several times throughout the day/night and the guy I've been dating came inside of me each time. When I returned home from visiting him, I took plan b one step. I took the pill at 10pm on July 19th (so it was just under 48 hours from the time I had sex). That day I had sex (the 18th), I was on my placebo week pills, the third one of seven to be exact. Normally I get my period by the 4th or 5th pill (so I was a day or two away from getting it when I had sex), but since I tool plan b, my period never came.

The reason I took plan b was because I realized I didn't take all of my birth control pills that month at the exact same time. I usually take my pill at 6pm, but some days I get sidetracked and take it any where from 15-5 hours late. Since I remembered I had done this, I decided I should take plan b just to be extra safe.

I have been taking my birth control as normal ever since I took plan b. I am starting my
placebo week this Friday so I should get my period sometime early next week technically, but I'm worried that my birth control and plan b may not be enough to have kept me from getting pregnant. Do you think I
still could have gotten pregnant? If so, when should I take a pregnancy test? Should I be concerned?

Any thoughts/suggestions please.


I don't think you should be too concerned, unless you miss your next period. The plan B can mess up your cycle. But having sex at all, there is always a chance you could become pregnant, even on birth control. So if your still concerned around the time your supposed to be getting your period, take an early pregnancy test or see a doctor.

I think it was probably just the plan B. (: Goodluck! Tell me how things turn out.