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Hi there,

I am currently taking the oral contraceptive called Ortho-Tri Cyclen, I have been using it for over two months. And just earlier in this month I missed three pills and began to experience some breakthrough bleeding, on the days that I hadn't taken my pills I had PROTECTED sex with condoms. Naturally I got a little fightened by the bleeding so I took a Plan B which probably wasn't necessary but I did and started back with the regular pill taking. The light bleeding stopped immediately after. Can sex cause breakthrough bleeding? What are the reasons a girl starts to bleed after intercourse?

Bottom line I'm just curious what I should do in a situation of missed pills, should I take two? Should I take plan B? If someone could please give me a bit of information in regards to these questions I have presented I would really appreciate it.


I take the same pill. Have been taking it for about 4 years now and so far is working on keeping me from getting pregnant. When I miss two days taking it, ont he thrid day i just take 3 pills at once. I only take plan B if i had unprotected sex.