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I've been on ortho tri-cyclen for four months now. I have only missed a pill once in that time frame and took it as soon as I remembered when that did happen. Otherwise I have taken my pill every day on time. My boyfriend and I also always use condoms during sex, but yesterday after sex we found out it broke.

I went to CVS yesterday night to ask the pharmacy their opinion and I was told if I was on bc, it would be a waste of $40 for plan b. I left with peace of mind, but today I'm still worried. I know no method is 100%. I'm just upset at the situation because I take a lot of precautions to be safe, and this time one backfired. 

Would it still be a good idea to get the plan b just in case, or are my chances of pregnancy slim? I have the money if it needs to be purchased.


Hi Guest,

You DO NOT need Plan B.  I would not recommend it as a "backup" either.  It contains a very large dose of hormones, hormones that you do NOT need.

Daily birth control pills ARE much more effective anyways.