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I am on Ortho Tri Cyclen and have been for aboust 2 years. Anyway I missed the last 2 days of the pill because I was sick so instead of taking them when I got better 2 days later I figured I should just be off the pill for 7 days starting from when I first missed the pill. 7 days later I went back on the pill. I was fooling around with the bf on the 24 of aug and it went inside of me once and I freaked out and told him no because I wasnt sure if I was safe. Now I'm just paranoid should I take Plan B?
Here are the dates if it helps
Aug 13 was the last day I took the pill however it was suppose to be aug 16
From Aug 14-21 I was off the pill and went back on it 7 days later.
Started the new pack Aug 21.


Actually honey, you have to take Plan B within 72 hours of unprotected sex! So you've missed the deadline! If you took it today, I think it would be pushing it! Depending on what time of the day you guys were fooling around! But it's close!

I THINK you should be OK, due to the fact that you have been taking a good BCP for 2 years. You could try and take the Plan B just to be safe! Of course you know that the longer you don't take the pill, the more your chances increase of becoming pregnant, but I think you are safe! Just remember if this happens again, to ALWAYS use a condom, in risky times OK? Good luck and health!