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Hey out there!

I was talking with a guy who has had spinal surgery and is in the hospital suffering terrible pain because the titanium has broken after a fusion surgery :'( Does anyone know anything about this ? Has anyone else experienced this ? ! This has got to be a very unexpected, unfortunate and painful... I can't even begin to find any more words to describe how scary it must be to have to live through something like this o.O He is waiting for the broken plate to be removed. Any comments?


Although btjis is an old post, i came across it while searching for the possibility of a titanium plate in the neck cracking.
Thjis has happened to me most recently, 5 months post op no less, very painful, docs seem to think it is not causing pain! well let me put one in their neck and crack it! then they can tell me what it feels like..
What happened with yr friend?