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June 2010, New York City I had two pro discs installed in my neck at levels c5 c5 c7. At some point the discs failed. It could have been when the surgeon John Bendo put them in wrong or maybe they just stopped working because he was told by the manufacturer not to use two discs in the neck. Two years after this agony I had to go to a better surgeon at the best hospital money could buy. I went to the Hospital for Special Surgery rated number 1 in the U.S.A. for orthopedic work. I had five opinions and four said only replace my synthes discs and fuse two levels but noooooo my m***n Doctor fused three levels and went against my wishes and four other doctors opinions. Now 5 weeks post op I feel as bad as before and have pain in the Thoracic spine. I have dead people's bones in my neck (Thank you for your donations) and a titanium plate on my back. The Doctor could not screw one screw in place or so he says. I think he just forgot to put it in and realized it after he closed me. Lawyers are afraid to sue Doctors today because hospitals have large forces of attorneys and spend money. Attorneys only want sure things. If anyone knows a great trail attorney let me know thanks.



Wow----this is horrific and scary. Im sorry !! The only thing I can think of is get a hold of all your medical records --which includes x-rays,mri, operation reports from both places. Find a good medical malpratice attorney  they usually give a free consult. Im trying to exactly determine ----are you saying you had acdf (front of neck) -or posterior(back of neck) fusion at c- 5 thru c7 and now showing a broken or lose screw?? When you say pain in thoracic spine (exactly where) ?  He said he couldnt screw one the scews in place and admitted this to you???


I had acdf c-5 thru c7 two yrs ago first two months alot of flare ups did good for 18 months ---now in pain right shoulder and scapula. I had another MRI and c5 still shows nerve compression ---which controls the shoulder but doesnt want to risk revison surgery. Have they done you first post op x-ray ----my guess is not yet if i remember 8 or 10 weeks after surgery. Please  keep posting --let me know how your doing in future. I wish you the best !!