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@ weeks post surgery. Fused c4-c5, c5-c6 used my own hip bone, and titanium plates screwed in. The neurosergeon told me to wear the Miami J brace till I see him again at the end o0f October. That will be 5 weeks post surgery. But the physician's assistant told me yesterday, 2 weeks post-op, that I can start to gradulay begin to stop using the collar. On sites like this one, I read differing opinions. Some say to wear the collar 24/7, and others say with the plate involvement in the fusion, no collar is needed for any length of time.

Does anybody have an opinion about this? The collar is getting very, very old with each passing day!


i was out of my hard collar in 10 days after anterior c4 c5 they took out 6 staples and told me to get a soft one which i wear only when in a car or doing stuff aroun d the house like laundry etc. i was told to sleep withthe collar on but by morning it ends up on the floor tohot in florida to keep it on. the surgery fixxed my pain and numbnessring th in my arm adn hand now i a, just exhausted all the time and have neck paim like tightness in the neck and cant stay on the computer to long i am scared i am flying in 3 weeks  goign to br ing my hard collae it r for the flight but i dont wear the collar cause it weakens the neck muscles the next step is pt for me