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I have just come across this site .......... I am now 'only' 5+ weeks post op having had fusion with titanium plates at C4/5, 5/6, 6/7. Pain at times is excruciating from C4/5 - numb thumbs- but referred to well below base of neck & nearer to C6/7.

Very comforting & humbling to read all your think I will count my lucky stars & hope the pain eventually goes away !

Good luck to all


ps I am 69 & veterinary practice over 40 years caused my cervical problem -


Do keep your "chin up" and continue the positive attitude!
I developed my condition due to 30+ yrs retail work. I had C-5,C-6 anterior disc fusion surgery over 2 yrs ago.
I have not gotten any better. The surgery actually made me worse off than I was before.
The thing that really makes me angry is the surgeon said 85% of patients recover from this surgery. I live in a small town (pop 12,000) and know of 4 women (40+ years old) that have had this surgery (all within the last 2 yrs!) and all of us are basically in the same condition...not recovering from this surgery. Sorry! I have to question the odds when four of us are not recovering! I could see 2 out of 4. But 4out of 4?
There seems to be no "medical" explanation as to why we remain in constant pain and have limited use of the cervicle area and digits.
All have had fusions and artificial plates.
I've asked several times..I'll try again. Anyone having this post-op pain after ACDF ever recieved a medical explanation and treatment? Most of us have tried everything doctors have prescribed without any luck.
And my best wishes to the veterinary for a speedy recovery! The doctors say alot of people do recover I'm just not one of them.


I am a 34 yr old woman, and recently have had a c5-6 corpectomy and reconstruction with titanium plates on April 22, 2010. There are days that I can't lift my head off the pillow and wonder when the pain is going to stop. I have to wear a cervical neck brace for 3 months and wonder if that helps or if it makes the pain worse.
I am a very active and now Im boring. I can not do any of the things that i have done before. i thank god that my children are old enough to fend for themselves cause I would b screwed. Im a single mother of 3 teenage boys.
Dr. keeps telling me that it will take a long time b4 we would know if its going to help. I had a car accident in Nov. 2009. I ended up with, 2 broken bones in the palm of hand, broken vein, dislocated shoulder, torn rotaters cuff, 2 herniated discs and a pinch nerve. I got screwed bad. It took 5 months and me landing in the hospital with no function of the left side from head to toe before the surgery got done. Sometimes i wish that I never had the surgery and sometimes Im glad i did. But when does the pain stop. The achyness, stiffness, cant do anything c**p, when is it going to end?