I started taking Ortho-Tricyclen-Lo in September.
When I started, there was some irregularity, but it sorted itself out by Thanksgiving.
But then, last month, my period lasted twelve days. It was irritating and I was a little worried.
And then, this month, I started noticing bleeding 2 and a half weeks early! Except, it wasn't really blood, it was just brown and really (?) chunky? kind of like when my period comes, except it was just brown and not necessarily heavy.
Then, about on time, my period came.

Now I would expect this kind of thing in the first few months of my pill use, but this isn't the case.

My boyfriend and I have been having protected sex, with absolutely no troubles. He is the only man I've ever been with. Plus, my university sponsored free STI/STD screenings about a week ago, and I was given a clean bill of health. So that isn't the problem, either.

I asked my mother about it, and she suggested going back to my OBGYN and talking to her about getting a birth control pill with a higher dose.

What is my problem? And is that the solution?