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I am on my second month of ortho tricyclen lo. I take my pill everyday very, very close to 8am, however I missed a pill in the first week of the pack. I took it that same day but about 16 hours later. It is a 6 days before my period is supposed to come and I am experiencing some brown and slightly red discharge. Is this because I took one pill late? What are my chances of becoming pregnant?

As far as other signs, my breast have been tender, but they were also tender last month (My breast were also tender last year when I was on the pill for each of the two months I took them). But I know that this is a common symptom of the pill.

Also, last month my period was on time, but then again, I didn't miss any pills (I also didn't have sex last month because I wanted to make sure that the pills were in my system). My boyfriend and I do have sex without condoms and he often ejaculates inside of me.


Hope u are okay