im 14 and possibly pregnant, except i had my "period" on the 29th of january(it was my period for febuary actually because my period for jan. started jan 3rd which was perfectly normal), but my "period" on the 29th was only brown blood, and incredibly short. i usually last 6 days(at the least), and this lasted 3 days.
i had sex the 16th of jan and the 17th (both unprotected).
and also feb. 8th.
since this past week, ive been eating anything i can see.
and recently started getting nauseated out of nowhere, but this week ive had a fever and a sore throat and an ongoing headache.
ive been semi-crampy, kinda more "gassy", and experiencing pains in my upper and lower abs.
this morning i woke up and my upper abdomin hurt like i had done 1,000 sit ups.

ive been peeing like CRAZY.
3 times every hr. or so.
but i have doubts i am pregnant because ive had scares like this and actually felt pregnant, i dont feel pregnant. i just know theres a possibility...