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My period started on the 17th of January and ended on the 21st of January.
I started taking birth control on the 20th of January, the first sunday of my period...and i discontinued using birth control on the 22nd of January. I had sex on the 23rd of January up until the 10th of February, 2 or 3 times a day. But my period came again on the 27th-29th of January.
My breast are tender and i feel nauseated, i normaly get these signs when i am about to get my period, today is the 13th of February, according to my schedule i dont get my period till the 18th...could i be getting theses symptoms because i am pregnant?
? Is it too early to find out if i am pregnant ?


Well you could be pregnant.

I assume if you decided to stop taking birth control pills and using want to get pregnant.

A test should be positive right around now for your sexual intercourse on Feb 2, take it and find out1