Ok, i need some help on deciding this before i spend anymore time stressing/spending more money on this buying test after tests after tests. In Dec. i had my period from dec. 12th-14 (nothing on the 15th) & then half the days of the: 16th, 17th & 18th then stopped fully. I usually last EXACTLY 7 days only. Now, I had sex on the 21st, & early morning of the 29th (both times he came in me. Now in Jan. I had sex on 1st, 2nd, 6th going into the 7th (i dont know whether to count the 7th because it was early early morning before 8 am) AT exactly 12 am on SAT. i started my period again but lasted until the 10th then spotted for a day & a half before being completely off it. (every time i had sex was unprotected & he did come in me).
I have been taking home pregnancy tests on the 15th & 18th- all leading to a negative.... when i took another pregnancy test on the 22nd is was neg. then 10 min. later there was a very very faint line (same thing on the 23rd). I took another on the 24th & the line was darker but still faint... the past week i've been sick feeling like i have to throw up but usually dont until a couple of days ago where i couldnt even keep koolaid down without throwing it up, & craving everything salty & all i wanted for 3 days was pickle juice & ice cold water. now im just craving cold water only. I wanted to know could i be pregnant because i didnt have sex on the 14th day after the first of of the last period & i did get the 2nd period in Jan. but with one type of home test saying neg. & another kind saying no then changing to a yes is confusing me!