Hi everyone,


I found out I was pregnant on the 13th of December. My period was due on the 17th, so I actually found out a few days before I had a missed period. Something inside my told me to get a pregnancy test even though I wasnt late yet and It was postive.

I told my boyfriend of 2 years that I was pregnant. He is in between homes right now, has no car, doesnt have a stable job... and its always been that way. Plus hes hiding a drug problem, I found 3 glass crack pipes in his bag last week.

I was devastated that I was pregnant. I always thought I would have a magical experience with my first pregnancy, but I didnt. I had a termination on the 16th of Jan - so about 3 weeks ago.


I thought I was 8 weeks pregnant, but my ultrasound told me I was only 5 weeks along.

The doctor warned me that the termination might miss the embryo because it is so small, but if they had any doubts they would get me to have blood tests.

After the procedure I was told there were no complications. I bled a little bright red for 20 mins, and the brown discharge for 2 days with light cramps.


Since the abortion I have broken up with the father, it opened my eyes to a lot of things and i respect myself more than to be with a loser.


a few days before we broke up we had sex for 2 mins, no condom. He did not cum, but I know thyere is a chance that I could become pregnant easily after a termination.


Its now 3 weeks since my procedure and usually my period would be due now, but according to my calander im 4 days late.


Am I late because an abortion can just mix up your cycle, could the doctor have missed my 5 week embryo?, or could I be pregnant again?

What are the chances?