hello i am katie.me and my boyfriend are trying for a baby. for the past 2 years my periods have been normal. they come on the 19th of every month.well last month on august 19th my period did not show up, so i took 4 pregnancy tests 2 said positive and 2 said negative. so i went to the doctor and got a blood test done. it was like a 3.5 so they said its positive but could still be negative. so they had me come back like 3 days later to get a second blood test. that one came back 0.5 so it was negative about a day later i started my period. it was normal. so i was 10 days late. so in september i i expected my period to come on the 29th like it did in august. well it is now october 17th and i still havent started my period. evey pregnancy test i take says no. i have some symptoms of pregnancy which are tiredness(i could sleep all day), sickness(only at night but not throwing up), headaches(throughout the day they come and go), and frequent urination(which ive always had), and hot flashes(one minute im fine then the next im almost sweating). also ive been kinda crabby lately little things have been making me upset or mad so i would say a little bit emotional. not sure what to think. im hoping im pregnant but i have doubts because ive been trying to get pregnant for the past couple months and nothing works. please help. thank youu.