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Below is what I been dealing with I have stop the shots but I still think they may have triggered something to be causing all this stuff below....

Wow, I really hate this and reading all the post, seems no one or doc can figure this out?
I have all of the above and sort of nail it down a tad bit. First of all campbell's chicken
noodle soup gives me allot of relief for about 4 to 6 hours no idea why. The doc says its
acid reflex so put me on prilosec but I knew it wasn't acid reflex because I had it years
ago. Didn't help a tad bit.
Now before this happen I just started my allergy shots was about 2 months into it, and
also was on flovent hfa 44mcg, astelin, fexofenadine and nasal decongestant pills oh was
also taking zantac150 pills. Once this tightness and gag feeling came I drop and stopped
everything except the fexofenadine pills. I still got all the tightness, and have no problem
breathing just that feeling of choking, that starts near the shoulders and up to the jaw area,
but have no lump like others, ect... But when I got on the computer and started gaming, it gets
intense and my neck just frooze up big time had to lay down and think different (total scared of
course) woke up was a bit better. The systems have to be from stress or anxiety but I been gaming
for many years and nothing I been doing has changed. I not sure if the allergy shots (since they
go up in dose little at a time) cause this but I won't know for I stopped them a week ago. Guess
I have to wait till it's out of my system to really get a clue on it.
Now for the last 3 months I had this pain in my hip left side but no exrays, mris, or bone scans
could find a thing yet to this day (not sure if related). But up to my neck again something did
trigger it, but just like you all I don't know what and again I don't know how to stop it. The
doc wants me to see a throat doc and i'm somewhat against this because it had nothing to do with
the acid reflex that he thought it was. I really don't want to go around to different doc's because
in this day and age docs have to be careful and I do believe they care they just won't admit they
don't know. I just a complete physical and I am in perfect health. This has to be some sort of
anxiety mind related cause, but just so impossible to catch it.
I hope that someone has a cure about this and please it you get better come back here and tell
us. I want to find an answer like all you do. I'm 38 at 140lbs always been this way never changed
in weight or health just allergys. Could the allergy shots triggered this or a simple pain in
another part of your body cause this or just a simple neck strain that ain't healing up right?
Lost as you all are, please help

Now I seen all the doc's except for throat doc. I don't plan too because there's nothing
wrong in the throat that they can do, yea maybe check for cancer ect... But I come accross
alot of information, if I chew gum the pain goes away big time. I'm seeing a chiropractic
and when I leave I'm feeling real good but only for about an hour to 3 hours. I really think
its a pinch nerve somewhere. Reason I still think this is because I developed a pain in
my hip left side about 3 months ago and with all kinds of exrays no one can tell me why,
so I bought a back messager from walgreens and when I use this on my back, my hip hurts
bad, and my throat feels a tad better. So I believe something, somewhere in the back area
has been causing this problem. I thought it was stress but I still don't think it has
to much to do with it but yet I might be wrong. Stress can tighted you up pretty good
without knowning. At work the other day I was at the computer working and was pissed off
about something and bam I tighten up so bad scared the c**p out of me. But now the other
night I was watching TV, no stress no thoughts just totally relax and bam it came on from
the way I was laying down. I switched sides and it went away. This is tricky and I have
talked to others about this and they have been using Celexa for panic attacks ect...
and has helped them, so when they go off it it returns. Now I haven't tried Celexa for I
don't want a pill to sovle a problem I
have to take for life (not just yet last resort) but the doc has me on Alprazolam .25mg 3
a day but I refuse to take them that way. I use 1 at night before I sleep to hopefully
relax me when I sleep and let the mucsles relax. Only on night 3 so it's hard to say.
For right now I chew gum Trident when I feel it coming on and helps.
Yet I do still have the problems and it's gotten better but I so have the tightness
and hot neck with once in a will very small rash each side, that iches. Comes and goes when it
starts hurting and tightening up, so I use Ibuprofen that seems to help. I don't get that choking feeling
near as much as I use too. Still an on going problem but seems to slowing fixing it's self.
Like I say stress and anitxy might play a part roll in this but also a pinch nerve can
also be a part. If I'm on the computer I chew gum since I do alot of gamming it gets intence
and I tighten up back without relizing it. Again stress ect.. but I been gamming go over
8 years day by day and never had this happen. Again this is why I go back to the back area
having playing a part in this problem. put it this way if my left hip hurts with nothing to
show why but messaging my back causing it to hurt more brings me closer to believing it might
be causing my shoulders and neck area to hurt. I know its a guessing game and people on here have had this problem
but haven't come back to say what fix they have done to help them. Which I wish they would of.
Every little thing can be a fix but its hard to compare if you don't come back. The real and only
thing in here thats really help me thinking is that I won't choke to death when that feeling
comes has help me thinking process alot. So in the mean time for those still lokking maybe what I say above
might help. I did by a new bed help the tossing part alot and sheets on the ground in the morning.
The messager on my back has pin pointed the a nerver problem (stress, anexity, pinched or a pinched nerve).
I'm 38 and my phycial is perfect including x-rays blood test ect.. oh yea my doc wanted me to see
a sico doctor, I looked at him and said when I ready to kill myself I'll go but I'm not depressed
maybe lonely but not a freak just yet. I really getting sick of the doc's pushing you off to someone
else because there's no answer. P.S. not acid reflex I seen the gigo man (gastroenterology)


I have everything you do. Ask your Dr to be tested for Fibromyalgia.. It can cause it all