I have asked my doctors what my mri report says and they only tell me that it is not a big deal my spinal fluid is not leaking so i have nothing to worry about. My thing is if it is not a big deal then why do i hurt so bad why is it i cannot sit for longer than an hour and i cannot stand still for longer than 5 minutes. Why is it when i move my neck to the left i have shooting burning pain go through out my left side of my body? I showed you my mri on 7/28/2007 and i really am looking for answers. another thing i went in for spinal shots on june 29 2007 and at first i felt really good. that lasted for five days then it started to get worse again 3 weeks after the shots i felt a bone move in my spine and it hurts REALLY bad when it slides in place! i dont notice it much when it slides out but i do when it slides back to where it is supposed to be. My question here is...Is that a bad thing? I have a new pain management doctor and he said i need to tell that to my other doctor but i cannot since they dont take medicaid anylonger. then he again stressed to me that i needed to tell my other doctor about it. Why??? Did he mess me up? Someone please answer my questions I really need some advice!
thank you

here is my mri report

c5-6 There is mild right paracentral disc bulge effacing the posterolateral space. there is no evidence of cord deformity. No significant central canal stenosis, however, there is at least mild left neural foraminal stenosis.
C6-7 Minimal left paracentral disc bulge without evidence of central canal or neural foraminal stenosis.
L4-5 There is mild foraminal disc bulge causing mild to moderate right and mild left neural foraminal stenosis. No evidence of central canal stenosis.
L5-S1 There is broad-based moderate posterior disc protrusion, however, there is no evidence of significant central canal stenosis. No evidence of neural foraminal stenosis.
What are they saying? 2 years ago i had surgery on the L4-5 because i had a ruptured disc. and they supposedly did a discectomy. why is it protruding again?