I was just diag. with Canal and foraminal stenosis w/ cord impingement at C5-6 due to a herniated disc. Mild bulging of disc at C4-5. Reversal of the cervical lordotic curve consistent with cervical musculature strain/sprain. C5-6 there is disc dehydration and disc space narrowing and there is central canal stenosis with mild cord impingement . Moderate to severe bilateral foraminal stenosis.

I am a 43 year old female who was very active in softball, cheerleading and went through the fire academy. I have never been in an accident. I am now taking medication - Celebrex 200mg. 2 x/s a day and Medrol Pack. I start PT on the 19th of July for 5 weeks.

I have pain which causes me to feel sick and lightheaded. Has anyone got suggestions - has anyone delt with this and ended up with surgery??????

Any suggestions will help me! Thanks so much!
In Miami, Fl