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I am reading all these posting and I'm scared to death! My surgery is scheduled for Wed. 5/16/07. I am traveling from MD to Philadelphia Hospital of University of PA.

Now I'm thinking about bagging it! I was told to get 2 cervical collars, one for everyday the other for showers. Well, I can't find 1!!!! I'm stressed over that.

Anyone have any advice? When I get home what should I expect or what should I do? I think I might have to sleep in a recliner? I keep hearing everyone has a horrible sore throat, should I purchase soft food ie jello, water ice???


I am 2 weeks past c4-5 discectomy, wearing hard aspen brace, am hating every minute of it. would like some feedback from you or anyone with recent similar experience on recovery periods, neck braces, sleeping, driving,, etc. right now i'd like to smack my surgeon for not telling me what i was getting into >;) :-S 8-| :-(